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About Us


Learning to sew on my Grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine, I have over 55 years of sewing experience from clothes construction to professional home décor.  I use my sewing machine to express my creative vision.  I’ve always been intrigued by surface design and as a four times certified Sulky educator, I teach embellishing techniques and how to use decorative elements to personalize projects making them unique and one of a kind.

My creative journey began with a Sulky Certification class in 2009.  I took the class just for fun but in the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to teach some aspect of sewing.  I took three additional classes after getting to know the instructor, Lee Fletcher.  Over the years, we became friends and she shared an idea for a sewing accessory that she had invented.  She explained that she was having trouble getting it produced and I immediately suggested that she talk to my husband Dave.  The Thread Director was born.

As a result, Dave and I started the Caulder Group dba Notions You Need, which manufacturers unique products for sewers and quilters. 

In 2016, I talked my husband into selling our house in Southern California and hitting the road to promote Lee’s brain child.  We currently live in a 40’ motorhome with three cats, vending and teaching at Quilt and Craft shows all over the country.


David Caulder spent 35 years in sales, marketing and manufacturing. After attending a sewing class, his wife Gee came home excited by a great idea for a new product. Her teacher, Lee Fletcher, had invented a tool that made it easy to use specialty threads. Gee asked him to manufacture it and together, their new company, Notions You Need was born.

Dave has spent the last 4 years immersing himself in the sewing world. He has taught classes on how to use specialty threads and the basics of embroidery. You will love his sense of humor and his teaching style. He keeps it simple and fun.