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Fast Fold Binding Tools

Fast Fold Binding Tools allow you to automatically fold your fabric as you press it . 

Now you can quickly fold and press your bindings, straps or bias tape without burning your fingers or having to stop and align edges as you press.

In addition to allowing you to do single folds for bindings or bias tape, the Fast Fold binder gives you a second set of smaller fabric guides so you can do an additional fold for dress straps, purse straps and apron strings.  

But wait, there's more!  Fast Fold has a 45 degree slant with a 1/4" etched line for trimming your excess fabric when joining strips.  Just place the etched line on your stitched line and cut with a rotary cutter.  The result is a perfect 1/4" seam allowance.  The same etched line is used to measure your stitching start and stop points when turning corners as you apply binding to your quilts.  Our binding tool also has the markings needed to measure and and cut your binding so you can perfectly join your ends when finishing your quilt. 

The sharp point at one end is ideal for use as a point turner or a tool to open up seams as you press them.  

Our first Fast Fold, sizes 7/8" - 7/16"  was designed for making straps perfect for surgical masks or bindings for miniature or art quilts where you don't want your binding to overwhelm your project.

Here is a link to our first video.  (Disclaimer:  We have no idea what we are doing so things may look a little off.  Hopefully, we are able to get the point across and we endeavor to improve our skills in the future.)

For Video Instructions, Click on Links below:



Link to YouTube Video Fast Fold

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