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Introducing "The Whole Enchilada"

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The Gulp & Garbage

The Gulp and Garbage is a combination cup and trash bag holder.  Made of heavy duty chrome plated steel, the Gulp and Garbage has an area to hold anything from a coffee cup to a giant sized drink.  The holder prevents accidental spills and keeps work surfaces safe and uncluttered while sewing, crafting or working on projects where unwanted moisture can be a hazard. 

One of our customers attached the Gulp and Garbage to her portable ironing surface, storing her mini iron in the cup holder to maximize space.

The heavy duty clamp will adjust to any table top thickness up to 3 1/2" and the metal plate and the adjustable screw have thick rubber pads to protect any surface from damage.

The Gulp and Garbage comes with a black nylon bag to catch all your unwanted scraps, snipped threads and candy bar wrappers.  

Gulp and Garbage Cup Holder

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