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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION...What have we gotten ourselves into!

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

The reason I've chosen the name "Sometimes a Great Notion" for my blog will become apparent as you get to know our "story".  One obvious reason is that we sell sewing notions.  The other reason will take a bit more time to explain not to mention that it is an ongoing saga of living full time in an RV. 

Don't get me wrong, I love living in an RV.  I'm an old hippie at heart and I have lived in "vehicles" before.  For me, traveling to sewing and quilt shows and getting to meet wonderful people is a dream come true.  My husband Dave, not so much.  He loves the shows and the people, but he had never even driven an RV prior to our moving into our forty footer three years ago. 

Just to give you a sneak peek of what's to come in future blogs, in the first week of owning our new home, he sideswiped a tree and ran over our tow car.  

Since I do have experience in vehicle living, I've always wanted to have a saying on both the front and back of the RV.  On the front I would like "On the Threshold of a Dream...The Moody Blues" on the back, "You Can Be in My Dream If I Can Be in Yours...Bob Dylan".  Dave's suggestion for the back is a little different.  He wants "It's a Fine Line Between a Dream and a Nightmare...Dave Caulder".  

It's doubtful our journey will inspire you but it may provide a few laughs...

In the meantime, check out our website.  You might find some "Notions You Need".

Till next time,



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