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Save $15.00 on "The Whole Enchilada"

Sale price $56.50 Regular price $71.50

Everyone knows that metallic threads can be a little temperamental to work with.  If you have been hesitant to try them, we have found the solution and are offering a package that will allow you to "test the waters" and save money to boot!


Package "A" Includes:

  • 1 Thread Director Single Spool Adapter
  • Your Choice of Sulky Holoshimmer Shimmer Thread (10 pk.) or Sulky Sliver Thread (10 pk.)
  • 1 pk. Schmetz 90/14 Topstitch Needles - Regular Price:  $71.50  You Pay:  $56.50

For $5.00 more, upgrade to Package "B" and get a Thread Director Two Spool Adapter

When ordering:

Under "Size":  Choose either Package "A" for single spool adapter, or "B" for the two spool adapter.  Under "Color": choose either Holoshimmer or Sliver.

How to mount The Thread Director: https://youtu.be/6dmQeOC1Zaw

Why The Thread Director works: https://youtu.be/PCD4Gf7-rLM