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Needle Minder

Regular price $7.99

The NeedleMinder makes it easy to keep track of what needle is currently in your machine.  By rotating the dials, you can program in both needle size and type. 
The NeedleMinder stores in it's own "holster" that attaches to your machine with a removable command strip.

The NeedleMinder was the idea of my wife, Gee. She is always working on several projects at a time and can never remember what needle is in each machine.  Since she does not like to throw out needles that are still good, she set about finding a solution.  The obvious one is using sticky notes and just writing down the needle type and size.  But she had three problems with this approach. Katie, Bogart and Gracie.  Sticky notes sometimes get knocked off and if you have cats, you can almost count on it.