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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION - Water and Electricity don't mix

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

While traveling to our first show in Decatur, Georgia, we had a little electrical problem and we were forced to make a slight detour.

If you are on the road and find yourself in need of help, Kajun Kampers in Scott, Louisiana is the place to go.  These guys are great and know their stuff. We showed up at quitting time and the whole crew came out to help us with our electrical problem. Turns out our problem was us, but they gave us a lesson in how things are supposed to work and suggested we get a charger with heavy duty jumper cables just in case we find ourselves in a similar situation. Stupidity, is the situation they were hinting at i'm sure.  

Because of our minor "mishaps", we arrived at our destination after dark and we were exhausted.

We had made reservations at a great campground but it wasn't a typical RV park, which usually has flat parking pads with hook-ups.  This was a wooded campground with rugged terrain and unlevel spaces.  It was dark when we arrived and thank goodness we had the smarts to walk the area with a flashlight before trying to park the rig.  We got a great spot right on the lake, just for the cats.  I really hope the cats enjoyed the view since we were never there during the day to enjoy it ourselves.

After a long day of working the show, we returned to the RV but it was dark by the time we got back to the coach. Apparently, our electrical problem wasn't solved, meaning we're still stupid.   For some reason, the remote control for the door locks wouldn't work so we were locked out and the cats were locked in.  After some gyrations Dave was able to get the storage doors open but unable to unlock the door. Thank goodness one of the owners of Kajun Kampers told Dave to get a charger and heavy duty jumper cables. I'm even more thankful that Dave listened to him.  That charger and jumper cables really came in handy.  We stored the charger under the RV while it recharged our batteries and eventually we had enough juice to get the door open.

We had an amazing storm that night. For hours there was thunder and lighting and pouring rain. You could hear it on the fiberglass roof. Laying in bed enjoying this magical display that nature was providing for us, I asked Dave if he thought that it would rain enough to make that charger under the RV detach and float away. Dave replied that he was thinking the exact same thing. We lay there for a few minutes mulling over the situation and he finally got up and put on a rain slicker. I gave him words of encouragement by telling him to wear rubber soled boots so he wouldn't get electrocuted.  I'm really supportive that way...Stay tuned, there is more to come.

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  • Oh, the trials of living on the road. As long as you have been traveling, you would think you know if all. But you will still be learning when you finally reach your permanent destination!

    Jeffie Ehn on

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