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Posted by Georgene Caulder on

Dave and I are not alone on this journey, we currently have two traveling companions, Bogart and Gracie.  We had three, but on our recent trip home, we left Katie with my closest friend Shirley.  Katie just didn't like the confined space, the "house" moving every few days or her traveling mates. Bogart and Gracie, not Dave and I.  

We adopted Katie when she was 2 year old.  She had been with a cat rescue group, Valley Cats.  They have a picture and a little bio on each cage and Katie's said she was very "social".  We took this to mean that she liked people and got along well with other cats.  What it really meant is that she talks constantly.  She even talks on the phone.  Katie stopped talking when the other two cats joined the household.  Katie started talking again when she went to live with Shirley.  Now Katie never shuts up.  Shirley, you wanted company, be careful what you wish for.

Bogart was born in my friend Donna's backyard and his mother immediately abandoned him and his siblings.  That should have been a clue.  We call Bogart "Gato Diablo" (Devil Cat). Bogart likes to eat and play with thread.  If I leave thread on my machine, he gets it in his mouth and starts running all over the place.  When we returned home today, don't worry, we are in quarantine.  We go to a sewing studio down the road and we don't come into contact with any outsiders.  Back to the story, there was thread strung all over the living room and wrapped around the legs of a table three times.  

Our youngest is Gracie.  Dave felt we needed a cat to play with Bogart because Katie was not a good playmate.  Turns out Bogart isn't a good playmate either, but he took a shine to Gracie right away.  On a cold night, Gracie burrows under the covers and hogs the bed.  The kicker is she gets a little pissed if you disturb her when you get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities.

Sometimes the decision of where we stay is based on how entertaining it will be for the cats.  Dave thinks the scenery should be pleasing for them.  I guess he thinks it will keep them from getting bored.  Come on, they sleep more than 75% of the time, why do they need a view.  We stay by lakes, in the woods and we even stayed at a combination racetrack / casino.  I went gambling and the cats watched quite a few horse races.  

More "Cat Tales" to come.  I have to tell you about "Humpabear"....



  • Katie certainly talks ALL THE TIME and hogs the bed at night. But, she runs like a race horse for a few times each day, plays with her “toys” and loves her 3rd floor condo during the day. She’s a great companion especially since I really have nobody to talk too….just could use quiet sometimes but am glad she seems to be very happy here and I have had fun and cuddles from her. We are two great seniors enjoying our time together. Am glad it worked well for both of us and she seems to really like a house that isn’t on wheels.

    Shirley Hillblom on

  • Gigi,
    Enjoying your updates. Can you include what states you are in as I want to “ vicariously” travel with you! Then I can update my map of states I have been to. Ha ha.

    Debi on

  • Love these posts! And the cat stories are quite amusing.

    Mel on

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