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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION - New Rule, Walk around the RV before pulling out of campsite

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

Some of the happiest times for me, as an RV'er, is arriving at our destination and getting back on the road again.  Mainly because we made it there safely, and the RV starts up again after we've been sitting for a few days.  

When you do get ready to leave anywhere, it is a good idea to take a stroll around the rig to make sure your tires are alright, to make sure that nothing is still attached to the utilities like a water or sewer hose, or there is noting to impede your departure like a tree. 

From the driver's seat, you can easily see what is in front, in back and to either side via cameras.  What is not apparent is that tree you are parked very close to, is growing at an angle away from the RV.  When you look in your side view mirrors, you only see that the tree is approximately three feet from the rig and you should be good to go.  Don't be fooled, this can create a false sense of security.  So, you don't give it a whole lot of thought when you apply pressure to the gas pedal and you meet some resistance.  You figure that since you are parked at a bit of an angle, one side of the rig sitting a little higher than the other, that perhaps giving it a little more gas will get you over the hump. 

Warning, Warning, Warning....you are in a rig with a 400 hp diesel engine and applying more gas will propel you forward as you "rub" that tree, taking out two bay doors as you go.  As the passenger, all you can do is keep your mouth shut and be thankful that you were not the one driving because during some future argument, it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass.  At the same time you should be thankful that the two caved in bay doors, which no longer open, are not crucial to your survival. The count: Dave 2, Gee 0



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