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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION.... It's Time For An Update!

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

I haven't posted any new adventures in quite some time and believe me it's not because nothing has happened.  Actually, too many things have happened to count.  Here is a brief outline of "Adventures" still to come. (Some I'll just list here, some I will expand upon in the future).  Check out previous blogs to get a glimpse of life on the road, including:

  • "Halloween Horror in Huston": Or how our car caught on fire with the entire booth in it
  • Had to disperse remaining inventory among other vendors so we could get to the next show - (See entry above), or "Yes, the car was totaled"
  • "I don't care if your family eats, I care that my family eats" (How to negotiate buying a new van in Tucson).
  • Got caught in a ditch at Iowa State Fairgrounds (I told him that I didn't think it was a good idea!)
  • Picked up some nasty hitchhikers at the fair.
  • How we missed all the fun in Moab or: An $18.00 part that costs $400.00 and too many hours to install!  I think I'll have to make a run for it.
  • How we spent "The Year of Covid" on another vendor's farm
  • How the Steph & Gee Show was born
  • Surprise, your insurance doesn't cover a new leg!
  • No lights, no wipers and pouring down rain!
  • Thank you "Lydia's" for taking in "Two Crazy Gals" or: Steph & Gee take a road trip.
  • I think I'll have to make a run for it (again).
  • Flat tire, cracked windshield, dead batteries and bad bar-b-que. It all happened in Tucson!
  • Matching cracked windshields!
  • My sister's backyard is a sink hole and we got sucked in.


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