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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION - I can't believe I ran over my own car!

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

You may ask, how do you run over your tow car with your RV?  Let me tell you about our first "adventure" after purchasing our new home.  It happened on day 4 while traveling from LA to Duluth, GA.  We were driving through the lovely state of Louisiana and it was pouring down rain.  Since we had to be at a show in a few days, Dave and I were taking turns driving.  It was late at night, we were looking for a fast food place for a quick snack, so we got off the highway.  That was our first mistake.  Tip: Don't get off the highway unless you are familiar with the area or you have checked out the area via satellite.

So, it's dark and raining and we were unfamiliar with the area.  We turn into a driveway that appears to lead to a fast food restaurant.  We realize our mistake quickly, the driveway goes to an empty lot with no other exit and not enough room to turn around.  Dave decides to back up.  I hear a crunch coming from the rear of the RV and I yell for Dave to stop.  He exits the vehicle only to return a few minutes later and says "I can't believe I've been driving for over 40 years and my first accident ever is with myself"! 

I suppose if the car was aligned straight with the RV things might have gone better, but alas, that was not the case.  As we backed up, the car jack-knifed and we hit the front left quarter panel.  Since there was not enough room to maneuver, we had to unhitch the car to get out of the situation.  Simple right?  It turns out the battery on the car was dead so once it was detached from the motor home, we had to push it out of the way so we could back up.  Here I am in my fuzzy pink robe and rain boots trying to push the car out of the way.  The rear passenger side tire was stuck in a large mud hole and pushing the car turned out to be a Herculean  effort.  A very nice police officer was kind enough to block traffic as we backed the RV out of the lot.

Until next time, make the most of your mandated "social distancing" and stay healthy.  Keep checking back, new product is coming soon.


  • I think we met you guys shortly after this story. I love hearing of your adventures, it helps me in realizing that this stuff happens to everybody including myself!! Be safe, love you guys!

    Bj Richardson on

  • Dear Georgene,

    I’m not sure how you wound up with my email, but I’m glad you did. I’ve actually enjoyed reading your first three blog posts. I don’t have an RV or 5th Wheel and never intend to have one and let me tell you why. My daughter lives in Texas, my husband and I in North Carolina. Having trouble making ends meet our daughter found a “deal” on a 30 year old 5th wheel and decided it was the solution to her living situation. It was a money pit. She actually sold it for $1,000 more than she paid for it and bought a newer, larger one. She also worked as the service manager for an RV Dealership. During her tenure at the dealership I learned that you never buy a new RV because there are too many “bugs” that need to be worked out. During her residence in her 5th wheels I determined that you never buy an older one because they are falling apart. Needless to say, I never caught the “Open Road” vision and she no longer lives in a 5th wheel or works for the dealership. I feel your pain.

    Camille Hale on

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