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SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION...Cat Tales II (Ideocyrancies)

Posted by Georgene Caulder on

All cats have ideocyrancies and ours are no exception.  We talked about Bogart's obsession with thread in a previous post.  Katie's incessant talking was mentioned too.  What I forgot to mention is that Katie is a clean freak.  If she has been playing with a toy and feels it needs to be cleaned, she will take it over to her water bowl and dunk it in.  But beware, if the lid is left up on the toilet bowl, she'll go for a deep cleaning. She swishes it around a bit and then, being proud of herself, she wants you to see what a good job she's done.  Yes, you guessed it, she will bring it to you. She'll show you in your bed or while you're sitting in the head.  She'll show you on the couch, her slimy, dripping mouse.  What fun quirks do your cats have?


Shirley, just in case I forgot to tell you, keep the toilet lid down!


  • Yes, but she almost always dumps her favorite toy in her water bowl…..as soon as it dries and I give it back to her…….yep, in the water again but at least she doesn’t take it out and put it on the bed.

    Shirley Hillblom on

  • Love cats and love you. Leo.

    Leonardo on

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